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Image of a floating Microsoft Edge screen at an angle.

Download and deploy the new Microsoft Edge for business

Get the latest Microsoft Edge update for your business, school, or organization with multi-platform support in over 90 languages.

Transition to the new Microsoft Edge for business

7073彩票网址Get step-by-step guidance on how to deploy and configure. Need more help? FastTrack and App Assure now support Microsoft Edge.

Two women in an office setting looking at Windows  screen on their Desktop.

How to deploy and configure Microsoft Edge

Visit Microsoft Docs for how-to guides on deploying, updating, and configuring Microsoft Edge.

Two men conversing and walking in an Office building setting with a Windows machine in hand.

Let FastTrack and App Assure help guide your deployment

Get support with deployment and compatibility at no extra charge for eligible customers.

Get started with the new Microsoft Edge for business

These articles help your business, school, or organization get the most out of Microsoft Edge.

A floating Windows screen at an angle with Microsoft 7073彩票网址 in Bing open.

Powerful search. Now for your intranet

7073彩票网址 for workplace or school information like you do on the internet. With Microsoft 7073彩票网址 in Bing, find people, files, floor plans, and more, by typing in the search bar.

Stay connected to the community and get support

Two women and a man collaborate in an office setting with a whiteboard and Windows device

Microsoft Edge Insider

Learn about what’s new in our preview channels, check out forums, and get support.

A male worker in an office setting looking at a Developer’s screen on a Windows Desktop.

Microsoft Edge Developers

Get support tailored to developers working with Microsoft Edge.

Two women sitting at a desk smiling in an office room with a Windows machine

Support for Business

7073彩票网址Learn about your support plan options, or create a support request if you already have a plan.

?7073彩票网址 Channels represent the different stages of development for Microsoft Edge. Stable is the channel best suited for broad deployment. Beta and Dev are two preview channels where new features and updates are tested prior to their inclusion in the Stable channel.

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